My last road trip had sunshine, open roads and excellent tunes. My next will be even better. Gas prices in Wyoming have gone down 0.5 cents per gallon. Now I might be able to afford some gum for the road.

According to, the average retail prices of gasoline in Wyoming have dropped 0.5 cents per gallon over the past week, to an in state average of $2.15 per gallon for regular. Comparing that with the national average that has gone up 1.4 cents per gallon in the last week to $2.27 per gallon.

A pit stop in Cheyenne, the top 5 stations are all selling for $2.03 per gallon of regular.

In Casper, Sinclair at 902 E 2nd St & S Jefferson St. is pumping regular for $1.93 while Conoco is going for $1.97.

Now you just need to choose road snacks, drinks and…. which playlist to run and then roll on down the road.


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