Haven't you ever wanted some Mountain Dew Doritos for your quarantine? Notice how there's no "&" between 'Mountain Dew' and 'Doritos'. Yes, Mountain Dew Doritos are an actual thing (insert 'facepalm emoji').

The two snacking favorites which seem like they would be on the refreshments table next to each other at a junior high dance or at a gamer's convention have now been fused together into one Doritos chip.

It seems the newly combined snack is currently only available down under in Australia so you won't be able to find it on grocery store shelves within the U.S....yet. But while we currently have no way of knowing how these taste here, one Instagram user from down under described the new product as tasting like "citrus lime detergent".

While I personally don't have high hopes for the product, who knows, maybe it'll somehow be lightning in a bottle, or in a bowl for that matter. I doubt it, but crazier things have turned out to be a big hit with people, like for instance, 'Tiger King'.

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