Mountain Dew has begun a new campaign called DEWnited States. For the next couple of months, they will be releasing fifty unique state-inspired bottles. If you can find all them, you can win $100!

The official release states:

From June 3, 2019 - August 10, 2019, a highly collectible series of custom-designed bottle labels will be available for purchase. Taking inspiration from DEW® Nation across the country, we designed an ultra-collectible label series that celebrates the spirit of Do The DEW® in the ways we all uniquely do it. And no matter which bottle you reach for when you hit the store, you’ll have an opportunity to show off your love of the place you live…and maybe even score a $100 prepaid gift card.

The short, 15-second video above showcases the Cowboy State inspired bottle. Although I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be an Old Faithful like geyser, it's not the best Wyoming interpretation. All things considered, it's not the worst I've ever seen either.

All fifty state bottles will be available in all fifty states, so you don't have to worry about traveling to Hawaii or Alaska to get their bottles.

It's also worth noting that although the video has only been live since June 28th, 2019, there's already been a derogatory comment. YouTube channel Purple Magic wrote:

Silly human, Wyoming does not exist!

What's even more disturbing is 2 people have already his comment.

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