Coke and Pepsi have seemingly always battled for soda supremacy. Both would come out with new products. Some would be similar as both would have a no-calorie soda, both would have one featuring lime or sometimes they'd have new flavors for the public to test. Both Coke and Pepsi are announcing a new cola featuring a natural sweetener, stevia and, oddly enough, both come in a green can.

Coke Life is already available in Mexico as well as other parts of the world and has been tested in markets in the South, but will be on our shelves in November.

Pepsi True is set to be released in the middle of October and, like Surge, it will only be available through

It doesn't surprise me that both would develop a soft drink that uses stevia, and I'm very curious to try both, but you'd think that one would know from the other that both would come in a green can. Not that I mind, but it may be confusing if you're looking to try both.

I guess we'll see when they become available later this year.

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