After what felt like around six years of radio silence, the Mountain West Conference finally made a statement looking forward to Winter and Spring sports, and by Spring sports, remember, we’re doing football in the Spring. I’m going to keep saying it, so that it happens and keep positive on that note. Mountain West Football will happen in the Spring.  

Here’s the release on Twitter. 

It still has us in a holding pattern, but we can see a little more clearly as to what they’re working on. I’d rather a more enthusiastic, “get your foam fingers ready” post, but I think we have more time to wait for that news to come, pending that it will.  

So what does this mean, really? It looks like they’re trying to set the framework.  

These concepts are being adapted to fit within NCAA parameters expected to be acted upon by the NCAA Division I Council during its September 16 meeting, including frameworks for football, men’s & women’s basketball and rescheduled fall sports.  Other winter sports and spring sports seasons are currently expected to proceed as originally planned and would be conducted concurrently with the rescheduled sports in what would be a robust spring offering. 

I like how they used “robust spring offering” to make us really look forward to spring. I’m not one to be a negative Nancy, so I’m going to blindly hope this gets underway and that meeting next week bears some fruit. You can read the full release here. 

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