Rain is expected to make a much-needed return to southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle next week, some good news for crews battling wildfires.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne released the following temperature and precipitation outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center Wednesday evening:

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Greetings! Some good news for folks across southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle, who are looking for rain. The forecast from the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting Above Normal chances for rainfall across the area from 16-20 August. Below Normal temperatures are forecast across the Pacific Northwest into western Wyoming for next week as well. A slow moving area of low pressure is forecast to move into the Pacific Northwest as early as this weekend, but moreso Monday next week and track slowly into Wyoming Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a good track to pull monsoonal moisture back into the area to give us all some much needed rainfall. Good news for those tracking wildfires, this pattern will give us some relief on these western wildfires as well. The wetter pattern then shifts east for 18-24 August with Near Normal temperatures and precipitation for that timeframe. Stay tuned as we get closer to next week as we all need the rainfall!

Wyoming Fire Crews Battle Wildfires

Wildland firefighting crews in Wyoming were busy throughout the weekend. Fires have popped up in the Bighorn and Bridger-Teton National Forest along with Campbell County

- Wyoming Fire Crews Battle Wildfires

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