I get it, time change isn't for everyone, and honestly, the purpose of it at this point in time is foggy at best. I mean, I get why they initially did it. They repurpose an hour of daylight in the evening so we can be productive longer in the day. I'm not totally sure it's worth it at this point, but it doesn't really matter what I think I suppose.

Last night was technically the first day I went to bed at my normal bedtime since the time change Sunday morning. As I sat on my couch with our two dogs, watching tv. At 7:30, our 80 pound lapdog, Brewer, got up and started wondering around. Then, he started staring at me. How dare he? I'm enjoying this episode of The Shield on Hulu from 15 years ago, I can't just not watch it to appease him, plus, he has to get use to the time change, too!

A debate began. He stared and whined. I said, "Brewer lay down"! A heated exchange that lasted for a solid 10 minutes before I got up, took the dogs outside to potty and went upstairs to shower and go to bed. I lost the battle last night. I will not lose the war. I'll have to get a treat to trick him into staying up an extra hour. Also, I feel extra refreshed from going to bed earlier.

Clearly, dogs don't understand time change and it's a problem. Should I take it to the government to get programs in place for dogs to look at memes on Facebook to tell them they go to bed at a different time now? That wouldn't work, for sure. Until then, I'll have to ween them into going to bed at a different time.

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