Not a year goes by that we don't see someone get hurt by a bison. Usually, it's some tourist from Indiana or some other Midwest state coming in, looking at our wildlife and deciding to get a little too close. Then, they find out real quick that our bison don't play. Imagine me saying that while clapping. Obviously, the National Parks Service is aware of the dutiful travelers that we get in the Cowboy State and felt it was necessary to express a giant "Ya'll!" Or translated, "come on now".

They really shouldn't have to do this. Why would you ever think getting close to a wild animal, trying to get a selfie, or try and pet the thing? That's just absurd. That's not what they're there for. They're just out there in the parks, trying to live their best lives, but no, that's why we can't have nice things, and the National Parks Service has to post this leading into a holiday weekend.

I mean, it's pretty funny. I'm not sure if those from outside of our state get the joke. "Why would they put all those things on the buff-uh-low"? It's a bison, first, second, you probably don't get it. It's a wild animal. I digress.

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I really appreciate the National Parks Service at least trying to keep us snickering as the droves of tourists make their final push to the Cowboy State to see all of our awesome sites. Take it in, yuppies. Then go home.

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