August is typically one of the deadliest months for motorcyclists in Wyoming, and this year was no exception.

According to the latest data from the highway patrol, eight of the 17 people who died on the state's highways last month were motorcyclists, only three of whom were wearing a helmet.



"Even though the summer is hot, make sure you're wearing head, eye, and skin protection," said Sgt. Jeremy Beck.

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In addition to gearing up, Beck also encourages motorcyclists to make sure their bikes are in good working order before heading out, to never tailgate, to use caution when they're carrying passengers, to never drink and ride, and to never assume that any car, truck, or pedestrian can see them.

"Pretend you're invisible, so to speak," said Beck. "If you're pretending to be invisible and assume others on the road can't see you, then you're more likely to be able to avoid a crash if they do not see you."

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