Life is tough, why not distract ourselves when we feel that it's getting too heavy. I mean, sure, we can listen to music as an escape, we can go for a walk for our mental health, but I really enjoy videos on social media as I mindlessly scroll.

And when I scroll mindlessly, I really want to see a video that will make me laugh. It's always a toss-up for what I'll enjoy, but if you give me a good wildlife video, I'm down to clown.

Now, I'm not as brazen as this tourist is in their car, but I'm pretty sure they had a great experience with this bear. I'd also not advise anyone to do what this tourist is doing. No matter how small or cute the bear may be. Even if the bear gets up, walks over to you with its hand up for a high five. You probably shouldn't reciprocate the high five. You might get smacked in the face.

Luckily for the tourist in this video, this bear is like a kid at a party and walks up to a car with its arm up and gives the guy a high five.

Here, check this out for yourself.

So, yeah. That video is incredible. I'm super jealous that this guy got a high five from that bear, but I'd also, never try it. Such is life. I'd also not pet a bison, but that's just me. You can go on with your day now, we've had our joy.

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