2020 was a year unlike any other in recent memory, or history in that matter. There were so many families struggling, neighbors hurting and friends not knowing if they'll get to go back to work. Saying it was difficult to know that was going on not just across our country, but in our community would be an understatement. We are fortunate in Laramie County to have groups looking out for people who really need help.

Needs Inc. Food Pantry released their 2020 year-end report and it is awe-inspiring. Not just the staggering amount of need in the area, but how well Needs Inc. has done helping families and individuals across Laramie County in a year where uncertainty filled each day and every town.

Via Taylor Albert Needs Inc. Food Pantry
Via Taylor Albert Needs Inc. Food Pantry

You can see some of their numbers, it's astonishing that they were able to pull that off. Just looking at Holiday meals, they provided 491, and almost a half a million pounds of food distributed for the year.

In the release, Needs Inc. Food Pantry Executive Director, Taylor Albert said,

Food distribution during the pandemic increased by a tragic 369% and the most heart-breaking part was seeing the pandemic’s economic impact on our community members. Yet, my heart is filled with gratefulness and hope because I also witnessed our Cheyenne community answer the call to support those in need. We were able to provide the unbudgeted & unprecedented increase in demand, due entirely to compassionate partners like yourself. Needs Inc., also created new food outreach programs in the rural Laramie County communities of Albin & Burns. Finally, with the help of this amazing community, Needs Inc., secured a new walk-in cooler/freezer with twice the food storage capacity, which will handle the increased food demand. This investment allows us to keep serving Laramie County residents for decades to come. It has been a humbling year here at Needs Inc., and it’s all because we are lucky to live in our generous, kind, and outstanding Cheyenne, Wyoming community.

She hit it on the head. The community did such a good job of extending a hand to those in need. Cheyenne is a great place, filled with awesome people.

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