We have hit May and that means we need to focus on what events we're taking part in during Summer 2021, right? Whether it's a music festival, craft beer festival or summer vacation, we have to get that put in our planner, quick. While you're moving quickly, you may want to go ahead and register for the Cheyenne Firecracker 5k or 10k with Needs Inc. Food Pantry.

The Firecracker 5k & 10k is one of the bigger fundraisers for Needs Inc. Food Pantry, and after the work they've had to do for the community in the past year, it's an ideal time to pitch in and help a great organization in Laramie County.

The event itself is being held July 3rd at 8am at the Cheyenne Downtown Depot with the finish being at Needs Inc. Of course, it's not just over the railroad tracks and you're there, you have to go the full 5k around the other way. If you register now, before June 27th, the registration fee is $35 for 5k and $45 for the 10k, you'll also get a tee shirt, refreshments and your bib.

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This should be a fun way to ease into the long 4th of July weekend later this month, which, the 4th is on a Sunday this year, if you don't have a calendar handy. This is a great way to help out an organization that served the community in one of the toughest years in memory. If you're interested in registering, volunteering or sponsoring the event, you can find the information to do that here.


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