Looking for happiness in this new year? Try out these four things.

Happiness. We all want it, don't we? No one wants to go through a sad life, right? If you're searching for happiness or want to add even more to your life in 2018, here are four things you can start doing today.

And they must work because they are based on science!

I found these on PopSugar.com and they come from a neuroscientist named Alex Korb and detailed in the book "The Upward Spiral." Each is based on research that has been done on the brain. The best part is that you can start implementing these in your life today. The first one is my favorite...

Hug your loved ones - Doing this can release a hormone called Oxytocin. This is the love hormone and who doesn't feel happy when they feel love? In addition, social interactions have shown to improve feelings of acceptance.

Made a decision - I can attest to this one because the more I put things off (a.k.a. not making a decision) the more stress and anxious I get. If you just handle your business and have confidence in your decisions, you'll feel better.

Ask what you're grateful for - Gratitude is a powerful tool. Feeling thankful can release dopamine, which is the "feel good" hormone.  Mentally listing the things you are grateful for each day can leave you with a boost of happiness.

Label your emotions - I didn't understand this one at first, but being able to identify what emotion you are feeling in a moment can have a positive effect on the brain. Putting feelings of anger, sadness, or fear into words actually reduces the impact it has on your brain.

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