If your resolutions don't last past the first few weeks, you might want to change your approach.

Today is the day that you start those resolutions, right? Or maybe tomorrow is the day you officially begin. I mean, let's face it, it's not easy getting the ball rolling after we got such little sleep last night. Am I right?

Regardless, your "new year, new me" mentality is already kicking in.

Each year we arrive with high hopes and even bigger expectations of ourselves. And each year, many of us wind up disappointed in ourselves for letting the wheels come off of our perfect resolutions. How in the world did we lose sight of what we really wanted?

A better question is how do we fix this? I've come up with some way to help you keep those resolutions and, quite frankly, they may have you going back to the drawing board. Don't worry about lost time in 2020. If the resolutions sticks, then it doesn't really matter when you start now does it?

1. Think Small

I know this sounds strange, but change doesn't happen over night, especially when you're trying to correct bad habits. Waking up on January 1 as a different person doesn't happen. Make small changes in your life each day or week. In fact, I'd start with one resolution on your list and don't move onto the next one until it becomes a new habit. If you pile on too much from the start then you'll burn out.

2. Measure Progress

In order to measure progress, you need to break your goals down into mini goals. Running a half marathon isn't going to happen over night, but starting with one mile and then two miles and then three miles and so on, will help you measure your progress to keep you motivated for the end result. Maybe you want to write a book in 2020. Start with one chapter, then another and another. Mapping out how you will reach your goal will keep you on track, but more importantly keep you going.

3. Celebrate Wins

Big or small, progress is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we can feel like we haven't accomplished anything, but if your goals are measurable (see number two) you will have plenty of motivation to keep moving forward. I feel that it's important to celebrate the small things and give yourself a pat on the back. Just don't celebrate so much that you become stagnant or end up back at the starting line.

4. Give Grace

Some hurdles that we encounter in our quest for resolution gold is that we punish ourselves when we fail. Look, you're not perfect and neither am I. Mistakes or slip up are bound to happen. Don't let these things derail you from what you truly want. Use them as learning lessons and move on. You're not a failure, it's not the end of the world, and you can totally redeem yourself.

5. Make it a Lifestyle Change

Setting goals for yourself is a beautiful thing, but just because you reach your goal doesn't mean your journey is over. You can always reach higher in life, but I also feel that achieving a goal makes you a different person. That accomplishment becomes a part of you. So try to see your resolutions as long term gains, not just short term wins. When you strive to get better as a person and when you make a commitment to chase your dreams, that changes your life.

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