Pine Bluffs Distillery has several products on the market, Rock Ranch Vodka and two white whiskeys, Rusted Ring and Cheyenne Summer.  October 20th, there will be a release party of their new bourbon whiskey, Lodgepole Creek Bourbon.

This will be the first bourbon whiskey they have ever released.  It has the same makeup as their Rusted RIng White Whiskey but the difference is that Lodgepole was aged in American oak charred and toasted barrels.  The makeup is 54% corn, 23% malted wheat and 23% malted barley.  It will be bottled up and ready to purchase.

The party kicks off at 3 p.m., then live music at 6 p.m. with the Brand 307 performing live and the party goes until 9 p.m.  Butler Dogs will be in attendance serving up some food to soak up the alcohol.

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