There's a sweet new drone video of Rock Springs, Wyoming. It inspired me to ask the question if there is a tiny chance that Rock Springs might be underrated. Remember, I said "might".

I've had many Wyoming friends that mention Rock Springs normally on the receiving end of a joke. I've cruised through the town a few times and never had any issues. One recent YouTube roasting of Wyoming mentioned that Rock Springs part of the map should be labeled "Dirt". Ouch. That hurt. Is it really that bad?

A new drone video of Rock Springs doesn't think so. Here's a little of what James said about his quick video share:

Aerial drone flying over Rock Springs, Wyoming shows what a beautiful little city this is. Love how the older part has been preserved😎

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He's not wrong. Check out the view of Rock Springs from downtown in the air.

I have to wonder if the history of the mafia in Rock Springs has something to do with the stigma of the area. There also reports of gang problems in the city. There are even stories of legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy spending time in Rock Springs.

Let's also share the positive though. In case you didn't know, Rock Springs is home to a replica of the Michael Scott Paper Company van of The Office fame. That's what she said.

That brings me to the question...when you think of Rock Springs, Wyoming, do you laugh or smile? As for me, I like the area, but I'm also easy to entertain.

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