There will be a much shorter wait as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department debuts a new check-in system at the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt faster, which will allow everyone to get into the field quickly to enjoy their hunt.

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A new “Springer Special Fast Pass” will save eligible hunters considerable time during check-in at the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt, which typically takes several minutes per hunter.

Qualifying hunters who have drawn a permit for the 2021 Springer Special Pheasant Hunt, and have already purchased all the required licenses and stamps, will receive an email with the pass and directions on how to use it, the business day before their scheduled hunt.

To receive this pass, pheasant hunters will need to purchase or possess all the required licenses and documents for the hunt prior to their scheduled hunt date. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Game bird license (annual, daily, lifetime or pioneer. Youth under 14 do not require a license but must be accompanied by an adult and have a hunter safety card.)
  • Conservation stamp (Not required for daily or pioneer licenses)
  • Pheasant special management permit
  • An on-record hunter education course in Wyoming (if born on or after Jan. 1, 1966)
  • Springer permit (mailed to applicants successful in the draw)

Hunters who have drawn a Springer permit, purchased all the required licenses and stamps, and who have completed hunter education in Wyoming will receive an email with their electronic pass.

Stand-by hunters will benefit from the new, fast system as well, especially if they arrive with all required licenses and permits.

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