A revised opening plan for the University of Wyoming was approved by the Board of Trustees yesterday.

Though the semester will still begin on August 24, all courses will be delivered online. Students who are not on campus will be encouraged to not come at that time.

The plan says that some students will be returning on Monday, September 7, when some in-person classes will start. All students will return for classes which are to be held in person by September 28.

All courses will move to online on November 23 and will remain that way till the end of the semester.

The phased approach was developed in response to try and minimize the spread of the virus on college campuses.

All UW students and employees are being required to take free COVID-19 saliva tests before returning to campus, through a third-party company called Vault Health.

The university is also developing a surveillance testing program that will involve employees and students on campus being tested twice a week during the semester. That program isn’t expected to be fully operational until September 28. Random-sample testing will take place from August 24 to September 25 for those on campus.

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