Do you believe UFOs are real? There's someone from Casper who does. His story has just been shared where he tells the tale of an object he spotted over a Casper oil refinery.

I'll quote this as directly as I can from a man named Mike. Here's what he said about his Casper UFO experience:

Many years ago when I was in junior high, I saw a blue and white thing hovering over Casper's oil refinery. I watched it until it shot into space. A few days after this incident I was talking to one of my classmates. To my surprise and delight, she also saw the same UFO and confirmed my story. Years later when I was in college, I had a friend who volunteered for the SETI institution. On a camping trip, he summed up his SETI experience. There is a lot of weird stuff happening in space.

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Here's a recording of him telling the story of this Casper oil refinery UFO from many years ago.

So many questions. When did this happen and what's the name of his friend? What about that friend who worked for SETI?

These stories always bear so much more weight when they can be documented and corroborated by others. In this case, it's unfortunately just an anecdotal retelling from memory. Dates, times, and locations are a must to try and nail down if this is explainable, truly unusual, or just a figment of someone's vivid imagination.

The truth is out there somewhere. Maybe it's planted somewhere near the oil refineries of this area.

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