You know winter can't be far away when you see this sight. Wyoming Game and Fish have shared a video showing that the fall migration of mountain goats to the lower elevations has begun.

Here's some more details that Wyoming Game and Fish shared on their YouTube channel:

Fall migrations are underway and winter snow conditions force wildlife to move to lower elevations that are in proximity to roadways. During this time it's critical for drivers to be alert for wildlife on or near roads and we're asking motorists to be especially alert when traveling through Snake River Canyon east of Alpine. Three mountain goats have been killed by vehicles in the canyon since Oct. 31.

If you've never had the joy of driving near Alpine, Wyoming, it's a gorgeous town south of the Tetons that's practically in Idaho.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

For many of us in central Wyoming, Alpine is not an easily accessed part of the state thanks to snowy roads. But, if you do happen to road trip through this area when it's clear, the mountain goat migration is something to be aware of as the 3 killed recently are 3 too many.

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