A long time NFL insider believes it would be a good move for the Denver Broncos to sign Cam Newton.

Lately, there's been a lot of talk surrounding Cam Newton and what team he will end up on. The former Panthers quarterback and MVP is the most significant unsigned free agent in the NFL. One NFL insider is calling out the Broncos saying they should take pick up Newton while they can.

NFL Insider Woody Paige said this in the Gazette:

...the Broncos' rallying cry must be: All or Nothing. Stay healthy, Drew."


I have to agree with him to a certain extent. Drew Lock, while promising, has limited experience only starting five games. The 3 guys backing up Lock aren't any better. That's a dangerous place to be for the Broncos. What if Lock is hurt, sick, or just isn't cutting it?

I know if I were John Elway I'd sleep better at night with a big, strong, proven, pro quarterback as a backup on my bench. Not to mention, word around the league is that the Cam Newton's stock has slowed considerably because of the COVID-19 restrictions and the possibility of not playing the season. I say the Bronco's scoop him for a good price and then let Lock run wild.

No word from Cam Newton on his intentions or hints on where he might end up.

Source: The Gazette and ESPN

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