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Nickelodeon's First NFL Broadcast Featured an F-Bomb

Did you know Nickelodeon is airing NFL games now? The first broadcast aired this past Sunday with the Saints vs. Bears. The broadcast featured animations on the players faces, fun graphics, and learning opportunities for kids watching. One of the broadcasters even explained what the players do if they have to take a bathroom break during the game.

However, we're sure parents at home didn't expect their little ones to hear profanity during the game, but that's what happened when an F-bomb was unexpectedly dropped during the live broadcast. Yikes!

1 in 6 Americans Started Therapy in 2020

There were a lot of things that made last year one of the worst in history, but one silver lining? It caused a lot of people to start therapy. Mental health is so important, and more than ever people were seeking help in the midst of the global pandemic. Not only that, but researchers found that 15 percent also began taking medication for mental health issues for the first time in 2020. (via Study Finds)

Lil Nas X Was Named After a Car

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Lil Nas X told the story of how his stage name came to be. He also revealed that his real name is Montero, like the car. His mom apparently wanted to buy a Montero but couldn't—so, she settled for naming her son after the vehicle! (via People)

InDoguration Happening on January 17

Joe and Jill Biden's dog, Major, will be getting his very own inauguration ceremony this upcoming Sunday. Hosted by the Delaware Humane Association, the event will raise money for other rescue dogs like Major who are seeking out their forever homes. (via Facebook)

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