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Jamie Lee Curtis Officiates Halloween Superfan's Wedding

Halloween superfan and aspiring director Anthony Woodle, who was terminally ill with throat cancer, recently passed away. But before his death, he was able to marry his girlfriend Emilee in a ceremony officiated by Halloween franchise scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, via Zoom. Woodle passed away an hour after tying the knot,Curtis recounted during an appearance on The Talk. Watch below:

Which State Drinks the Most?

A recent study conducted using data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism revealed which U.S. state is considered "the drunkest." The title goes to none other than the great state of North Dakota, while the "least drunk" state is apparently Utah. (via BestLife)

Thanksgiving Travel Myths, Revealed!

Are flights during this time of year more likely to be delayed? Do gas prices go up during Thanksgiving week? According to a spokesperson for the Bureau of Transportation, these common Thanksgiving holiday travel myths are just that: myths. Learn more via Insider.

New York Governor to Receive International Emmy Award

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be awarded the the International Emmy Founders Award for his effective communication and leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He used TV as a tool to ease the nerves of viewers and provide important information in 2020, earning him the Emmy honor. (via Variety)

CDC Releases Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Per the CDC's guide for safely celebrating Thanksgiving amid the pandemic, here are some tips:

1. Bring your own food, drinks, plates, cups, and utensils.
2. Wear a mask and safely store your mask while eating and drinking.
3. Avoid going in and out of the areas where food is being prepared or handled, such as in the kitchen.
4. Use single-use options, like salad dressing and condiment packets, and disposable items like food containers, plates, and utensils.

Celebrities Who Are Afraid of Flying

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