Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx is out in Wyoming, living his best life. One of the more quiet celebrities that live in Wyoming, probably because he just wants people to leave him alone, shares a lot from his property in Jackson. If you follow him on Instagram, you're sure to see some wildlife that are hanging out on his property.

The 80s rocker recently shared a video of a couple of bull moose sparring in his yard. If you listen to the sound, you just hear their antler smacking against each other as the two bull moose seem to have a little fun in his presence.

Check out the video here.


That's pretty awesome. If you follow his posts on Instagram, you can tell he's a fan of wildlife and loves to live his own version of a Wyoming lifestyle.

He also likes to brag about how great the weather in Wyoming is.

He also has time to reflect on his sober life, if you check out the context of his post above.

It's fun to see different people enjoying Wyoming. The good thing about Nikki Sixx, that most people from Wyoming would appreciate is that he's not advertising Wyoming as a place to move, like some celebrity residents. He just makes points to show that he loves living here and why he lives here. But, he's not opening a store with yak meat or anything like that. He's just living.

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