Nintendo was founded September 23, 1889 making it 125 years old. We mostly know Nintendo as a power house in the video game industry making it a house-hold name but did you know Nintendo had other non-video game products, too? Here are just a few other things that Nintendo has done, for better or worse.

  • Playing Cards

    It's no secret that Nintendo got its start by manufacturing playing cards, but these aren't the typical cards you're used to. They're Hanafuda cards which are used in a variety of card games in Japan.

  • Stackable Blocks

    In an effort to not simply call them 'Legos', Nintendo once made blocks that could snap into one another, similar to Legos.

  • Baseball Machine

    Nintendo released a variety of toys before they started making video games. One of them was a baseball machine that would pitch balls for you to hit.

  • Seattle Mariners

    Okay, so Nintendo didn't make the Seattle Mariners, but they do own them. Nintendo is a majority owner of the Mariners, but kept the moose as the mascot.

  • Love Hotels

    For lack of better terms Nintendo used to have a 'Love Hotel' that would provide rooms where you pay by the hour. These love hotels are long gone, but interesting that they had these in the 1960s.