Despite the lawsuit filed against Nirvana earlier this year by Spencer Elden — the baby on the cover of Nevermind — Universal Music Enterprises and Geffen have reissued the album for its 30th anniversary with the original cover.

In August, Elden filed the suit against the band for child sexual exploitation, and also stated that the image of him on the album cover is child pornography. Meanwhile, he posed for photos recreating the cover back in 2016 to commemorate the record's 25th anniversary.

On Sept. 24 of this year, which marked the 30th anniversary of Nevermind, Elden publicly asked Universal Music not to use the original cover for the reissue. His lawyer, Maggie Mable, reportedly told TMZ that he was afraid that "he'll be subjected to public scorn and ridicule" with the release of the album, and that every year he deals with "renewed, unwanted attention from the media and fans" around its anniversary.

According to Digital Music News, Elden's lawsuit was pushed back to 2022 as of Nov. 11, and he's supposedly going to file an amended complaint "on or before" Nov. 22. Universal, Geffen and the surviving members of Nirvana are set to respond by Jan. 1, 2022.

In the meantime, Universal has been shipping out copies of the 30th anniversary edition of Nevermind with the unaltered original cover.

The reissue is available in various formats, including deluxe and super deluxe editions in digital, CD and vinyl. The largest box set, which is going for roughly $260, features eight LPs and a hardcover book of unreleased photos, but Universal has stated that this version won't ship out until May of 2022 due to the worldwide vinyl shortage.

A plethora of new merchandise albums are up for purchase as well. See all of the items on Nirvana's website.

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