I have lived all over the country and Alaska. People handle impending snow storms different ways. Are you one of the following?

In Alaska, snow was part of winter from October to May, much like Wyoming. Snow is part of life and you get through it by getting up earlier, wiping off the car, shoveling the walkway and all around knowing that you might have to get up earlier and leave earlier to work.

When I lived in Pennsylvania, snow was the end of the world. The stores would be cleaned out of bread and milk, people would call of work and sometimes the storm would miss and we would be short at work. Dunkin Donuts did a funny commercial with one snow flake falling and several snow plows getting ready to scoop it up.

Now snow and ice in areas that usually don't get that kind of weather, I understand people freaking out. Like Texas and Oklahoma. Thank goodness for Wyoming, we are pretty snow smart here. We live with it and understand how to handle and deal with 3-5" of snow.