This HAS to be a joke, right? I mean, I get humbled almost every day driving around Cheyenne when I hit a pothole. That will make you a true believer and you'll pray that your front end doesn't just fall off after the impact from a pothole large enough that children could swim in it. So big that you can bust out your tackle box and fish out a trout. So monstrous that it's compared to the Grand Canyon.

You get the idea. Well, some brainiacs that dove into some analytics and didn't drive around in all 50 states decided that Wyoming, of all states, has the least amount of potholes in America. They give all the pothole love to the Midwest and go on as if they're the worst. They don't have children swimming in their potholes! We do. Actually, I saw someone bathing after a rain shower in a pothole in Michigan once, but still!

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The website QuoteWizard is the brain trust behind this study. They're powered by Lendingtree, which made me think it would be in a fairly reputable regard, but I'm having my doubts about their choices at this point.

This study is going back to Google searches from 2004, so nearly 20 years. You're telling me, that we haven't had people Googling potholes in Wyoming every Winter and Spring when those dastardly holes form?

Just pick any road and you'll change your mind. I get it, they're just looking at stats, which can be helpful sometimes, just not when you're trying to say that one of the biggest villains in Wyoming, second only to the Wyoming Wind, isn't that big of a deal compared to Ohio, I think those are fighting words.

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