Are you ever at work juggling 10 to 12 different projects at once, or at least in the middle of one significant project and you get a phone call that throws off your entire day? I mean, not even in a bad way, but it just throws you for a loop?

I had something like this happen to me a month or so ago. A peek behind what I do with the radio stations here in Cheyenne and Laramie is make sure that the trains run on time. I have certain duties and responsibilities on top of my morning show on KING FM. So, from time to time I field phone calls from things like what's happening on air to complaints or requests from different people.

So, one day, I was sitting in my office, working on a project and I got a call from the Assistant Manager at Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis. Now, I've never had any contact with anyone from Hot Springs State Park, I've never written anything about them for our websites and I've never actually been to Thermopolis. It was a bit of a surprise to hear from someone from that particular park.

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The Assistant Manager, who forgive me, I can't recall his name, had the unfortunate task of contacting our office over an article published back in 2015 by former On Air Personality, Rick Roddam. Mind you, I never worked with Rick, I know Rick, but we've never shared a workspace, so this was awkward for both parties involved.

The skinny of it(no pun intended) was the article that Rick wrote back in 2015 that was still circulating and mentioned that the hot springs in Thermopolis were the best place in Wyoming to go skinny dipping. The article didn't say that YOU COULD or that it was allowed, but it just mentioned that people do that there.

So, the Assistant Manager asked if we could do something about the article because people were coming to his park and trying to skinny dip when that's been against the rules for what he guessed was at least 15 years.

As I'm listening to this, all I can imagine is this poor gentleman, having to shoo away naked people from his hot springs. I agreed to take care of the article and spread the word.

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