There's a storm brewing in Wyoming, but it's not in the clouds, it's in the sky. Tonight, a geomagnetic disturbance could make the northern lights visible over the Cowboy State.

According to the Space and Weather Prediction Center, the solar windstorm may send supercharged ejections into the atmosphere, making the aurora borealis brighter. Although northern states will have the best vantage point, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting that Wyoming will catch a glimpse of the natural phenomenon.

To see the northern lights, experts recommend finding a dark place away from city lights. There is also a website that crowdsources sightings from across the world and updates them in real time.

Wyoming Stargazers offers tips for capturing photographs of the aurora borealis. They recommend placing cameras on tripods and focusing the lens on a distant light. The best shutter speed depends on how bright the northern lights are.



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