Have you noticed a hint of a greenish glow in the night sky?

Mother Nature's getting ready for St. Patty's Day next weekend as an intense solar storm this week has produced spectacular Auroras in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Sightings were reported this week in Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, North Dakota and even Wyoming. An anonymous observer from the 'Cowboy State' wrote, "very diffuse greenish glow" in the skies over Wyoming.

"Would not have known that it was the aurora if I hadn't been paying attention to the current solar activity," wrote an anonymous observer in Riverton, Wyoming to the Auroral Activity Observation Network.

Last Tuesday, two eruptions on the Sun triggered the strongest solar storms in eight years. When all that energy reaches Earth, it produces light shows in the skies mostly near the North and South Poles.

The beautiful weather predicted this weekend for our area is perfect to venture outside and do some sky watching. The best places to view the Northern Lights and celestial objects is away from city lights, which is not hard to do in Wyoming.