No, the food we hate the most isn't tofu or tofurkey or whatever the heck that is. We're more refined with our tastes, or at least, we're more traditional with our tastes and won't even entertain the idea of hating tofu, because we wouldn't eat it in the first place.

The website Zippia did a study on what food each state hates the most. If you're wondering, olives are the most hated food in the country with 13 states saying no way. I guess that works with the show, How I Met Your Mother's "Olive Theory".

The mid-00s laugh track was the worst. But, hey, maybe it's a thing. My wife doesn't like olives and they're one of my favorite pizza toppings. So, maybe if you're single, and you like olives, you can find love in New Mexico or somewhere.


Wyoming and Colorado share the same distaste(pun intended) for the same food. Any guesses?

What is Wyoming's Most Hated Food?

Wyoming's most hated food is...turkey bacon.

I get it, honestly. We're Wyomingites, why would we want fake bacon? I mean, the texture of turkey bacon is kind of the worst, right? It's like smooth and weird. I understand it's more heart-healthy, but it's just not right. All it really does is make you wish you were eating real bacon.

What do you think? Are you team real bacon or team turkey bacon? Or, do you even care? Let us know on the app. Let's settle this discussion.

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