A lot can change in 15 years, and a lot has changed in Cheyenne in the past 15 years. It's really impressive how much the city of Cheyenne has developed since 2007. We have so many more stores and amenities that weren't around 15 years ago; it's almost startling how much it's changed. While we don't typically like change in Wyoming, I think a lot of these changes have happened for the good; at least, it's keeping us from having to go to Fort Collins.

Google Street View has updated its views as of 2021. You may have seen the Google vehicle running around late last year. It looks like it was here in December of 2021, or that's at least when they last updated.

The photos on Google from 2021 certainly don't show the changes in the town in 2022 - like Crumbl Cookies or Barnes and Noble moving. But all the same, it's crazy to see how different Cheyenne was back in the day!

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They have a cool feature where you can go back to 2007 and compare what things looked like. I'm sure the main reason for this feature was for those searching for things that don't exist anymore.

That got me thinking; maybe we need to go and look back at what Cheyenne looked like back in 2007 compared to now. It's actually really fun to check out. The entire city has had a makeover in the past 15 years, for better or worse. When I say worse, I may be referring to roundabouts. Maybe.

So, grab your beaded necklace, your striped sweater, and baggy jeans, and gel your hair just right. We're going back to 2007, baby. Does anybody have a copy of Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake? No, ok, me neither. Ok, let's go ahead and hit the virtual road.

Look How Much Cheyenne Has Changed In 15 Years!

A trip all the way back to 2007. Get your baggy jeans ready.

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