A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper arrested Aug. 30 on a warrant related to a monthslong Cheyenne Police Department investigation is facing multiple sexual assault charges.

According to unredacted information filed Wednesday, Sept. 7, in Laramie County District Court, Gabriel Testerman is charged with three counts of first-degree sexual assault.

The information alleges that on or about April 25, 2022, and on or between July 23, 2021, and Aug. 1, 2021, Testerman did unlawfully "inflict sexual intrusion" on two victims "causing submission (through) physical force or forcible confinement."

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Testerman's arraignment and a motion hearing to seal the probable cause affidavit in his case are scheduled for Monday, Sept. 19, at 1:30 p.m.

If convicted, Testerman could face 15 to 150 years in prison.

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