There's nothing better than a warm cookie fresh out of the oven.

Now that August is here, we're just over four months away from Christmas. Did you heart just skip a beat? Mine did. Especially since I told myself I would begin Christmas shopping in July this year. Pretentious? Sure. A bad idea? Not really.

Except that I'm already feeling behind.

One thing that I always think about during the holidays are cookies. I'm willing to bet there are thousands of flavors and types of cookies out there. I can't help but wonder where these delicious morsels came from.

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That's one old cookie

Some believe that the origin of the cookie dates back to 7 A.D. in Persia (now Iran) as they were the first to grow, harvest and cook with sugar cane. These cookies were not the ones that we are familiar with today because they were basically cake. Bakers could test out the temperature of the oven with a little bit of of the cake mix.

Recipes for cookies, like we enjoy today, date back to the 14th century in Mediterranean and European countries. Many were simple short-bread cookies with different spices. The Industrial Revolution then took things to the next level with commercially baked cookies, which paved the way for cookie experimentation.

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The invention of the chocolate chip cookie

It is widely believed that Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie. She must have been an angel in disguise. I mean, these are straight from heaven!

In the 1930s, while working at the Toll House (yes, that Toll House) Inn that she owned with her husband, she decided to get creative. They had been serving guests a butterscotch nut cookie and wanted to give them something different. So she tossed in some chips of chocolate. She literally chipped away at a chuck of chocolate and dumped the nuggets in the batter.

Voila, chocolate chip cookies were born!

Where to get your cookie fix in Cheyenne

Is your mouth watering yet? With National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on August 4, you'll want to satisfy that sweet tooth somewhere in town. These are the best places to get cookies in our area, according to Yelp.

#3 Paramount Cafe

#2 The Bread Basket

#1 Mary's Mountain Cookies

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