The Nuggets made one of the most memorable Game 7 wins in playoff history in YEARS last night. The game was a blow out in the first half, the Jazz had the lowest score in a playoff game since 2012(yikes) Donovan Mitchell only had 2 points midway through the 3rd quarter and 3 fouls. Stick a fork in them, they’re done.  

But then...Mitchell woke up, in the 3rd quarter, like a great General, he brought the Jazz back into the game, even taking the lead. It wasn’t enough, luckily for the Nuggets. A two-point lead for Denver after a missed shot and about 6 seconds gave the Jazz a good opportunity to hit a miracle shot and tie or win. They did neither and the Nuggets will play the LA Clippers tomorrow at 7pm after a 80-78 victory, that, if you were a gambler and bet the under, would have your rent paid for this month. Speaking of which, Draft Kings has the Clippers winning Game 1 by 7.  

Now, we turn our attention to what we all hope will be a competitive game against the Dallas Stars. They’re going in with a diminished team and a 3-2 deficit in game 6. All is not lost, though. With this being a do or die game, we’re potentially in store for a heck of a hockey match-up. The Avs don’t want out and the Stars have some wiggle room with their lead. Draft Kings also thinks the Avs can pull it off, giving them a 1.5 win over the Stars tomorrow. 

Angry could be good for the Avs 

We’re not going to talk about the Rockies, they lost 23-5 last night, they still have playoff hopes, as long as they don’t give up 20 plus goals again... 

We could potentially have a great weekend of sports on the way soon, and hey, if we keep rolling, we’ll have the Avs, Rockies, Nuggets and Broncos all playing at the same time! 

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