I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t the best week for Denver Sports. It’s a good time to pick our chins up and yell louder(when acceptable) and root for these teams. As for the Rockies, I’ll go ahead and spoil this one, because we can’t go Rah Rah, Rockies at this point. They only have 4 game remaining and are more than that behind the .500 mark. So, we’ll go ahead and play the Sarah McLachlan song and say goodbye to the 2020 short MLB season for the Rockies. 

Last night we had our hearts ripped out and the Lakers took a 3-1 lead over the Nuggets. Well, they don’t know about the Nugget’s down 3-1 superpower that has been activated in each round the Nuggets have played in, do they? This is Jamal’s time to shine. He’s going to do some fun NBA Jam moves to bring the Nuggets back and knock off the Evil Empire that are the LA Lakers. A guy can hope, at least. 

The Broncos are back and so is the NFL. But, the Broncos didn’t have the best of games on Sunday. The Steelers defense is not only good, but they’re very physical. The team’s franchise QB went our early in the game, putting the weight of Denver on the shoulders of the guy that filled in for Matt Stafford last year with his weird medical issues that I don’t think he really had...None the less. It wasn’t smooth sailing with Lock AND Sutton both getting injured. Silver lining? Lock will be back in a couple weeks, maybe. The Broncos have Touchdown Tommy in town this weekend. I don’t know if I believe in The Patriots 2.0, but with the mounting injuries, we’ll see how well they can game plan. Any reason for Tom Brady to lose, is worthy of a celebration. 

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