Somehow, we made it to Week 1 for the NFL and colleges outside of the Front Range are getting to play, but we won't care about them. The Broncos are back, BABY! The Nuggets are still alive in the playoffs, kind of and the Rockies are still doing what they can to show interest in making a Wildcard spot. 

First things first, the Nuggets gave us so many emotions last night, coming back from a big deficit to still letting it slip away. The Clippers extended their lead to 3-1 with a potential exit game for the Nuggets tomorrow at 4:30. Draft Kings has the Clippers winning the series tomorrow by 8 points. 

The Rockies dropped one to the Padres yesterday, putting their record at 20-23. They’re getting to the point where they need help. If they don’t start getting hot, the Wildcard bid will pass them by, it doesn’t matter there are 4 of them. They have gone from a 2nd or 3rd Wildcard spot to 6th! 

The Broncos are back! They’re currently undefeated with a 0-0 record. Let’s hope that holds up. New feels for the season with everything going on, lets see if Drew and the boys can make something happen. Week 1 match-up has the Broncos taking on The Titans in the second Monday Night Football Game. Draft Kings also has the Titans winning by 2.5. Not saying you should bet on that, but I might... 

Your plans are set tomorrow through Monday, so make use of your cheering voice.  

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