Groceries are expensive. That's something we can all agree on unless you're so rich, you don't know what you're paying in groceries.

News broke today that Kroger and Albertsons are merging over an amount of money that none of us could imagine having a small portion of. Cool. Those are both fine stores. I shop at both local brands in Cheyenne(King Soopers Is Kroger) and I'm not going to lie, Kroger is great. They were the main grocer when I was in college.


But, groceries are expensive.

So, even though we have our Kroger cards that can save us on products and gas, it doesn't eliminate how expensive everything has gotten since the pandemic.

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I have a solution.

Give us an Aldi Grocery Store.

Hear me out. Have you ever been to one of these lovely stores? They're owned by the same company that gives us Trader Joe's. Items in the store are so reasonable. You have to get over putting a quarter in the shopping cart to use it, but you get it back after you shop. They do that so they don't have to pay cart pushers.

Their meat selection isn't the best, but if you're looking for fruits, veggies, soft drinks, snacks, and more, they're perfect. They also pay their employees well, so if we had one and you were looking for a career change, that's a great opportunity for you.

So, while this merger could be awesome, or really not change anything, there is a bottom line that we need to look at overall.

Groceries are expensive.

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