We're thinking those who researched this list should do a little more digging.

College football is here! Almost as important as what happens on the field, is what happens outside of the stadium before the coin toss. Tailgating is a big deal in college sports and some certainly know how to put on a party. Earlier this summer, 247 Sports put out a list of the 25 Best College Tailgates.

These schools have some serious territory to defend this upcoming season.

According to their Insider, a good tailgate begins with great atmosphere and, of course, the fans. Pre-game parties also have signature food, pregame traditions and a well-stocked bar. Good weather throughout the season doesn't hurt either.

However, they left Wyoming off of the list.

The top 25 was dominated by SEC schools. We get why, but each school brings something unique to the table. Laramie knows how to throw a party. The one team from the Mountain West Conference to make the list was San Diego State at number 20.

Here are the top 25...

1. LSU
2. South Carolina
3. Ole Miss
4. North Dakota State
5. Tennessee
6. Iowa
7. Ohio State
8. TCU
9. Alabama
10. Clemson
11. Oklahoma
12. USC
13. Washington
14. Georgia
15. Virginia Tech
16. Auburn
17. Florida State
18. Penn State
19. Texas Tech
20. San Diego State
21. Florida
22. Utah
23. Notre Dame
24. West Virginia
25. Army West Point

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