Huge majorities of people answering Townsquare Media of Cheyenne online polls last week favor legalizing marijuana and keep the annual Superday celebration in Cheyenne.

The pot poll specifically asked whether Wyoming should consider legalizing marijuana as a way to improve state revenues in light of a budget shortfall that some economists are estimating a $1 billion over the next few days. An overwhelming 81 percent of the over 1100 people who took the poll said "yes." That included 57 percent who said pot should not be illegal in the state anyway and another 24 percent who favored both legalizing marijuana and cutting state spending to balance the budget.

Only 15 percent of respondents were opposed to legalizing weed in the Cowboy state. Interestingly, only seven people of the over 1100 who answered the survey said they would favor imposing a state income tax over legalizing cannabis as a way to balance the state budget.

That number was well under one percent of respondents.

Online poll takers were likewise very emphatic when asked whether the annual ''Superday" celebration should continue in Cheyenne. The question was posed after Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr said last week that city officials would be discussing the future of ''Superday" in light of increasing costs associated with the event.

But 73 percent of those taking the online poll favored continuing the annual celebration, with 16 percent saying they don't believe it is the city's responsibility to pay for such recreational events. Another 11 percent said they would need to know more before forming an opinion.

The mayor said last week that part of the discussion of the future of Superday would include tabulating the costs associated with the event to find out exactly how much the city spends on Superday, including employee overtime costs.

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