We saw first thing Monday that MLB is doing an awful job with precautions to Covid:19. We’re super close to losing baseball for the year if they don’t get it together, or the next take me out to the ballgame may be in April, if we’re lucky. So, we’re going to need to do something drastic, and I think I have the solution. 

No one social distances better than Wyomingites, and I think we could show the great athletes of Major League Baseball a thing or two. We don’t want you here, but we won't be rude to you, and, we’ll take your money. It’s a win/win. 

Why don’t they come to Wyoming? We have Mike Lansing Field in Casper, Laramie has a great college stadium to utilize in Cowboy Fieldmodifications can be made to other stadiums to accommodate, it’s not like they’re filling it up with fans. I remember a few years back when I lived in the Carolina's and Major League Baseball built a stadium on base at Fort Bragg for the 4th of July game they held. Warren Air Force Base would be a good spot to do that or to modify a field.  

After we get their stadiums, they could quarantine in Wyoming, which is really easy for them to do. The perfect bubble stateJust imagine how many home runs they would hit! All high elevation games, all the time, really, this would save baseball in more ways than just getting through COVID. 

Come on MLB, just give in, you know we’re your best shot! 

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