As you may or may not know, I am a connoisseur of foods based on movies. When a film gets a tie-in menu at some fast casual restaurant, I go and eat the whole thing and try my best not to die. I’ve survived the Fantastic Four Denny’s menu and The Batman calzony from Little Caesar’s and the Independence Day: Resurgence Denny’s menu and the IHOP The Grinch menu and all the food in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Johnny Rockets Allegiant menu. I don’t know why I do this. I guess I just really hate myself and this is how I express that?

Anyway, back in June when Rian Johnson first announces that the sequel to Knives Out would be called Glass Onion, I couldn’t help but make a movie tie-in food joke about it on Twitter...

Well, a little over five months later, look where we are: With Outback announcing a “Bloomin’ Glass Onion” as part of a “mystery partnership” with “Knives Outback.” (I prefer the phrase “Glass Bloomin’ Onion” myself, I think that sounds cleaner. But I commend them on “Knives Outback” — that is very clever.)

So you can’t actually get a “Bloomin’ Glass Onion” (or, mercifully, a Bloomin’ Onion with glass in it.) Instead, you can get a regular Bloomin’ Onion and if you take a video of yourself destroying your Outback receipt and then upload it to their website, you will receive a coupon for free Bloomin’ Onion. (The official rules on Outback’s official site state said video “must include a clear image of the receipt, and may not include any content that may be deemed unsafe, obscene, sexual, violent, or offensive, or communicate messages inconsistent with the positive image and good will of the Outback Steakhouse brand. Submissions containing inappropriate language or content of any kind will be disqualified without notice.”)

This ad basically lays out the concept:

If you follow the rules, you’ll get a coupon — but it’s only good from January 2 to February 5, 2023. So you better get to eating a Bloomin’ Onion and then burning the receipt in your fire place quick. You can get more information about this whole silly thing at I’m just bummed Outback didn’t make a thematically appropriate limited-time Bloomin’ Onion tied to the film with, say feta cheese crumbles and tzatziki dipping sauce, in honor of Glass Onion’s setting on a Greek island.

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