Yes, it is still technically illegal to sing Christmas carols in public in Cheyenne. An 1897 ordinance banning public performances without a permit could subject carolers to a $750 fine or six months in jail. It's one of many old laws that outgoing city councilman Richard Johnson tried to change.

"In 2017, I brought this forward," Johnson said on Facebook. "A last-minute amendment made this topic more convoluted. I tried to get rid of it and failed."

With Johnson's term coming to an end next month, it will be up to the next City Council to update outdated ordinances. The Ward III representative isn't holding his breath.

"You get what you vote for. It was the current council, so no one on the dais except my replacement can say they did not vote on this," he recalled.

Luckily, in the 121 years since the law was enacted, the Cheyenne Police have never cited or arrested any Christmas carolers.

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