In the '90s, nobody did aggression like Pantera, so it makes sense that the band's music was the perfect fit for a workout scene in the new Netflix reboot, That '90s Show. The use of "Cowboys From Hell" is just one of several harder rocking music queues lined up in the new Netflix series, which finds a new generation of teens occupying the Foreman basement and forging friendships.

The premise for the update of That '70s Show is Eric and Donna's daughter Leia coming to spend the summer of 1995 in Point Place, Wisconsin with her grandparents, making new friends in the process, while some of the original cast members have cameos scattered through the first season.

As you might expect, there's a mix of musical ties reflecting the music of the '90s and tossing back to the music of the '70s on occasion as well. But in the case of Pantera's musical cameo with "Cowboys From Hell," that comes in Episode 9 of the first season titled "Dirty Double Booker" when Jackie and Kelso's son Jay and his best friend Nate hit the gym for a pumped up, high energy workout. The song actually plays over a montage of their lifting and crunching.

"Cowboys From Hell," with its jutting heaviness, came from Pantera's 1990 major label debut album of the same name,

Other rocking musical queues coming from the first season include music from Alanis Morissette, Collective Soul, Blind Melon and the Muffs, while there's also a Foghat "Slow Ride" nod to the '70s. And, as previously reported, the "In the Street" theme song for the series has been updated with a new arrangement by Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha and sung by former Donnas vocalist Brett Anderson.

Check out the new Netflix series That '90s Show and see all the episodes here.

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