Paramore can’t stop giving fans cryptic breadcrumbs of what they’re currently working on. First, each member changed their Instagram profile photo to nearly identical images of them pushing their faces against panes of glass. Now, a few days later, they’ve gotten the hype train going faster by sharing a snippet of a new song alongside an enigmatic launch schedule.

Specifically, a mysterious post showed up in Paramore’s official Discord server that showed footage of them – or other people – working on a fresh track. The 10-second clip (which was reposted to Twitter on Sept. 8) can be viewed below:

It's not clear what frontwoman Hayley Williams is singing, but according to iHeart, here’s how some listeners have transcribed it: “Far, I’m far / So far from the fault line / Quite the opposite / I’m safe inside.”

Plus, the band’s website has more or less gone blank aside from showcasing some ambiguous dates. Seeing as how the first one – “9.1 – discord” – logically links to their Discord, it’s fair to assume that the rest also allude to Paramore’s plans for future promotional announcements and tactics.

Of course, the subsequent two dates (“9.7 – blank” and “9.9 – wr0ng”) have already passed, and neither is related to something obvious. That said, Stereogum’s Rachel Brodsky has suggested that the latter might refer to “a new song title (or maybe they’re saying that fan guesses are wrong).”

So far, there are only two upcoming dates: “9.12 – L A” and “9.19 - start spreading the news.” Both are similarly secretive, although Brodsky also proposed that the latter is “either indicative of an announcement or something regarding Frank Sinatra’s New York. Either way, a new chapter is coming.”

Naturally, Paramore’s most enthusiastic followers have taken to social media to express their excitement (and even a bit of sarcasm). Check out some of their reactions:

Their anticipation is well deserved since the trio’s next studio LP will be their first since 2017’s Laughter.

In the meantime, though, you can try to catch one of Paramore’s upcoming concerts, as they’re set to kick off their Fall 2022 tour on Oct. 2 at the Mechanics Bank Arena (in Bakersfield, Calif.)

You can see the full list of dates below, and you can grab tickets here.

Paramore Fall 2022 North American Tour Dates

Oct. 2 – Bakersfield, Calif. @ Mechanics Bank Theater
Oct. 4 – Magna, Utah @ The Great Salt Air
Oct. 6 – Omaha, Neb. @ The Orpheum
Oct. 8 – Oklahoma City, Okla. @ The Criterion
Oct. 9 – Austin, Texas @ ACL Music Festival
Oct. 11 – Chesterfield, Mo. @ The Factory
Oct. 14 – Bonner Springs, Kan. @ Azura
Oct. 16 – Austin, Texas @ ACL Music Festival
Oct. 22 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ When We Were Young
Oct. 23 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ When We Were Young
Oct. 29 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ When We Were Young
Nov. 7 – Toronto, Ontario @ History
Nov. 9 – Chicago, Ill. @ Chicago Theatre
Nov. 11 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ Brady Music
Nov. 15 – Atlanta, Ga. @ The Tabernacle
Nov. 16 – St. Augustine, Fla. @ St. Aug. Amp.
Nov. 19 – Mexico City, Mexico, @ Corona Capital Fest

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