I think (key word) that I have found the Cheyenne, Wyoming home with the most living space available now and I have the pictures to prove it.

I found this home out of pure curiosity. I wondered out loud what Cheyenne home has the most square feet of living space. I checked both Zillow and Realtor. Their results show that 3359 Campstool Road in Cheyenne is the biggest of the big. According to what they have online, it has a whopping 6,762 square feet of home. The next closest based on square feet is 2585 Falling Star Loop with 6,756 square feet of space. Missed it by THAT much.

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A few very important disclaimers. #1 - Real estate changes all the time and this is what I found as of this writing. #2 - It's possible I'm misreading the Realtor and Zillow sorts of homes. #3 - I'm really bad at math. That third point is not a joke. That being said, here's what I believe is the Cheyenne home with the most square feet available right now.

Cheyenne Home with Most Square Feet of Living Space Available Now

The Realtor listing shows this massive 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home is available for $600,000. It's a big property that looks like it could house a small army. Now, back to those disclaimers. Make sure you check out the complete listing for more details, pictures and way better math than I possess.

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