Every now and then, we see something that makes us scratch our heads and question our existence, and then feel the need to share it with you. Now, people are mad about Pink Floyd's new social media logo, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon, because it has a rainbow in it.

Spoiler alert — the cover of The Dark Side of the Moon, which came out in 1973, also has a rainbow on it.

Pink Floyd officially confirmed a box set for the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon yesterday, which will be available March 24 (see more details here). Thus, the banner on their Facebook page has been updated with a quote that reads, "50 years in a heartbeat," and next to it is a revamped logo of the album.

The original album work features a prism with a beam of light entering it through the left side, and dispersing the light out as a rainbow on the right, though it's missing the indigo color included in a traditional ROYGBIV rainbow. It's one of the most identifiable album covers in music history.


The cover art was designed by Storm Thorgerson, who worked on several other Pink Floyd album covers as well. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Thorgerson explained that the light and the prism were supposed to represent the light show that was part of Pink Floyd's concerts.

"They hadn’t really celebrated their light show. That was one thing. The other thing was the triangle. I think the triangle, which is a symbol of thought and ambition, was very much a subject of Roger [Waters]’ lyrics. So the triangle was a very a useful – as we know, obviously – was a very useful icon to deploy and making it into the prism – you know, the prism belonged to the Floyd," he said.

The 50th anniversary logo features the band's name above a prism that has the number 50 in the center of it, and the 0 in 50 has the same indigo-less rainbow in it, with The Dark Side of the Moon written underneath. The prism with the rainbow 50 is now the band's logo on all of their socials — which is just symbolic of the legendary album's anniversary.

Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon' Anniversary Banner on Facebook
Facebook - Pink Floyd

But, of course, people always need to find something to be mad about, so they're yelling at Pink Floyd for having a rainbow in their logo because they think it has some sort of underlying social message behind it — the rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBTQ community.

"Yeah, cuz I always hear Pink Floyd fans saying 'I wish Pink Floyd was more gay,'" one person commented on the Facebook picture.

"After seeing this logo I will not buy the reissue," someone else said.

We don't need to say how we feel about these remarks, though. Enough people have sarcastically spoken our minds in the comment section.

"Good job Pink. You just lost another fan," someone said. "I have been listening to this album for the past 50 years since I picked it up at my local record store for 50 cents. I just happened to never look at the album cover."

"Oh my God... Pink Floyd is triggering the hell out of the homophobes without intentionally (or maybe they are?) doing it and it is GLORIOUS," wrote another.

Also, even if Pink Floyd did have an underlying message behind the rainbow in the new logo... have you ever listened to their lyrics? It's like when people were mad when members of Rage Against the Machine made political statements online.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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