Each year the Cheyenne Wyoming Ice And Events Center holds a event to help raise money to keep their door open to the public.

Just any event would not attract an audience.

A event involving the sport of curling would attract almost no one.

But frozen chicken curling just might pack the house, and it has worked for five years in a row.

Leave it to PETA to try and ruin everything. PETA sent a letter protesting the event and that letter made it all the way to the mayor's desk.

As morning host of Cheyenne's new talk station I felt it my duty to invite the Mayor Marian Orr on the air so she could respond to PETA. She arrived at the studios of New Talk 650 KGAB Radio with a well crafted letter.

In this video you can hear Mayor Orr read the letter that the city mailed to PETA.

The event went off without a hitch and Cheyenne will do it again next year.

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