Peter Criss has released a new video, featuring his at-home performance of “Don’t You Let Me Down.”

"My friend and a longtime fan Mark stopped by my house to help me out with a few things and while he was here he asked if I would sing for him one of his favorite songs from my 1978 solo record,” the original Kiss drummer explained in a message posted along with the video. “So here I am singing live along with my solo record.”

Criss went on to note that his friend “wanted to share his exciting moment with all of you other fans and asked if I could post it on my site for you to see. He was so excited he was shaking. Hope you all enjoy it as well. We did. It was fun!!!"

Watch the video of Criss’s performance below.

"Don't You Let Me Down" was the first single from Peter Criss, the drummer’s debut solo effort and one of four solo albums released by the members of Kiss on September 18, 1978. The song was originally written in 1971 for Criss's previous band, Lips.

Criss would exit Kiss for the first time in 1980, embarking on a solo career which spanned more than a decade. In 1996 he reunited with the band, embarking on the Alive/Worldwide Tour and contributing to one track on 1998’s Psycho Circus. He subsequently left and rejoined Kiss a few times in the early 2000s.

The drummer’s last solo LP was 2007’s One For All, featuring a mix of original songs and covers. Criss has maintained a low profile in recent years, though he did join his former Kiss bandmates for the group’s 2014 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He retired from touring in 2017, but made a surprise performance alongside Gene Simmons in 2018.


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